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Anthony Krznar


With 8 years of competitive experience Anthony lives and breathes powerlifting. He’s one of the strongest lifters in the country and won a world championship for Australia. He continues to compete at the highest level, and brings that passion to every client he meets. If you’re looking for someone who specializes in getting lifters strong you’ve come to the right coach.

Anthony Krznar
Anthony Krznar squat

Anthony is also passionate about mental health. Many of his clients come to him because they want to progress within their chosen sport, but they need a coach that understands real world struggles. Having struggled with mental health and addiction for his whole life Anthony strives to create safe and open space for everyone that steps foot into Apex.


Tyler Seabrook


Powerlifter, bodybuilder, gym bro. With over 10 years of lifting experience Tyler has seen it all and done most. The longer he trained the more he wanted to teach people how to move properly. Starting his competitive powerlifting career in 2016 Tyler fell in love with all things fitness, but he realised there was more to getting strong than just lifting heavy.

Tyler Seabrook
Tyler Seabrook

Tyler constantly strives to learn about the body, how it moves, and most importantly, why you’re in pain. He brings this passion to every client, ensuring he does everything in his power to keep people healthy and injury free. If he gives you a warmup drill there’s definitely a reason you should be doing it. With experience in powerlifting and bodybuilding Tyler has you covered no matter what your goal is. If you want to get stronger, be bigger, or just move better he’s got your back.


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